Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fines issued without the lawful jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Australia

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 In this post I would like to bring to light our heritage and maybe help you understand frustrations in our society. 


I'll tell you why CONTROL. That's it!......  Blatant manipulation of the law by corporation and greedy lawyers (layers). 

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Now I warn you

People are scared of the truth, just as much as deception. Most lawyers will tell you that this information is wrong or it doesn’t quite work like that. (Do your own research) you see lawyers work for the courts and are scared to lose power or even their dinner plate, However it is a big plate.

Your friends or family may well say “good luck with that” in a very condescending way, or something to that affect. This is out of fear and not understanding their rights. Most of them do not research the law and check their facts like we do.

Be aware the system has a way of making you think that the meaning of something is not the correct meaning, if in doubt check the meaning of words in a law dictionary, do not just take to word of a lawyer, and most important of all do not take the word of this website without research.  For the older laws it can be harder to research  because some meanings of the words  have been deliberately construed or lost to suit agendas and do not mean what they want you to believe they mean.

You may even be told it will cost heaps of money to fight. This is not true and is said to scare you into getting you to consent to illegal procedures.

Do your own research! You do not need a law degree to find the truth, or to know the law. People will kick a scream and carry on but you cannot dispute the truth of Written law, it is fact.

Do not be intimidated into not claiming your rights. Do not give consent.

There is deception and lies everywhere.

Corporation is infiltrating our government to make us slaves. Under no circumstances does any person have to give consent to any corporate entity to have power over there person, nor does any person have to contract on any matter with any corporate entity under any circumstances.

That is the word consent, If you agree with there so called legal process, then you elect it to be dealt with as a corporate matter. You contract with then to do what  ever they want more or less.

The Executive Federal Government of Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia:ABN 122 104 616 it is registered with the United States American Securities and Exchange Commission No. 000 080 5157.

You do not under any circumstances elect to have it heard in court, that is giving them consent to do something that is illegal. By taking it to court you accept the fine and there process. They trick you into contracting your rights away.

The web site is coming alone and will be released to the public soon. every thing you need to stop these greedy people having power over you.

Attempting to contract or contracting  your rights away is an illegal act.